What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state that all humans enter into, repeatedly and naturally throughout their lives. It’s how our bodies and our brains refresh, reset, and recharge. This includes sleeping, day dreaming, and zoning out with a good movie or book.


Why does hypnosis work?

There is a piece of our brain that protects us, and it has evolved to do a pretty great job. In any situation we find ourselves in, our ‘guard brain’ will say ‘Try this! It worked before!’

So, if you want to change an automatic pattern, you have to get permission from the ‘guard brain’ to speak to the ‘dream brain’, where all the old patterns are stored. The dream part knows exactly what to do, it just needs a chance. Hypnosis makes it easy to craft a new agreement between your guard brain and your dream brain. And when those parts are in agreement and pulling in the same direction, it feels so much better. It really is that simple.

We can all be trained to do this for ourselves, but it’s much easier with a guide.

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