Free 30 minute phone consult

Standard Hypnosis Session 2 hours $200

-My most recommended and beneficial session length, works well for a
wide variety of issues

Life Coaching 2 hours $200

-Focusing on reconnecting to your mission and purpose, and removing

Profound Somnambulism Session 2 hours $200

-Invented by Stephanie Conkle, this technique produces deep trance states
where the subconscious mind can come forward and do deep healing work as directed by the client.

Past Life Regression 3 hours $250

-A safe and illuminating way to explore your past experiences.

Fast Hypnosis Session 1 hour $100

-A good length for follow up, after you’ve had practice going in and out of
trance. Not recommended for initial session.

Medium Length Session 90 min $150

-Also good for follow ups, and a decent length for an initial session.

4 Session Package $700. Up to 9 hours over 4 sessions.

-Perfect as a Life Coaching package, smoking cessation, weight loss, or for
the person who wants to experience deeper trance levels.

My sessions can and do include Energy Work, Tapping and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Chakral scanning, light trance, deep trance, regression work, future casting, coaching, Mindscaping, Past Life Regression, Profound Somnambulism, Archetypal work, and other modalities that help clients create their own deep and lasting change. I am not a therapist, and I do not diagnose people. I help guide you into trance states where the change you want is easy and inevitable. I look forward to working with you!

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